Friday, August 30, 2013

The "Settlement" across the street

This is written by a very close friend of mine. She lives extremely close to Beit El , not a pleasant sight for the eye or the heart. This is written by Ruba Bakeer, enjoy. 

"My grandfather’s house’s yard, some plastic chairs, some colorful lights, and the trees around us; this was the most beautiful hall for a family “Henna” party yesterday (kind of like a Palestinian Conservative Bachelorette Party). With all the joy and happiness, a moment of reflection made its way to the depths of my mind, and the thought, to be honest, drew a smile on my face.

Just across the street, and a couple empty pieces of land, there stands one of the biggest Israeli settlements in our country. In the settlement just across the street, I thought, there lays a whole different world.

I don’t really think there is going to be a war in the region. However, the next two days would either confirm my thoughts, or I’d be watching rockets and planes from our veranda. So if you’re not acquainted with the subject, it is just that in the next few days a third world war might pop up; with America, seeking for world peace as it always is, threatening to bomb  Syria; and other countries, divided as allies or enemies are threatening each other as well. Whether there is going to be a war or not, the probability of it has some consequences, at least for some.

In my grandfather’s house, we were having a “Henna” for my cousin. In the settlement just across the street, Israelis were hurrying to get chemo masks and food supplies, as we saw pictures and heard news. Probably, they were learning about shelters and procedures to be made in the case of a war. In the settlement just across the street, they were preparing themselves for a possible death. Us on the other side, were just celebrating life."

 To have a clue, in case you don't, about what Ruba is talking about read this article

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