Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hannity and his 3000-rockets complex!

Most of you have probably heard of Fox News most famous bully Sean Hannity, personally I never bother to listen to anything he says, but … I do enjoy it when others replay what he says and –well- make fun of him and point out his biases, like Jon Stewart or Russel Brand.

Recently I’ve watched this video of his, (not a fan of the title of the video, but we’re here for the content not the title)

In this video, he’s responding to Russell Brand’s criticism and satire of his –Sean Hannity- twisted logic and barbaric bullying of his Pro-Palestine guests. You’re only considered to be a respectable guest on his show if you’re pro-Israel. The interesting part though, is that one of his guests makes the terrible mistake of admitting that there are “two sides” to the story. The second he blurts out these simple little words of truth, Hannity starts playing his same repeated -old- record, “3000 rockets! 3000 rockets! 3000 rockets into Israel! Rockets! 3000! .... !” and he would go on forever if he could.

This video is almost over a week old, so now the 3000 rockets are much more. According to your beloved “IDF”blog, they’ve reached 4000. Terrifying right? I mean you’ve said it yourself Hannity, what if the United States was being targeted with over 3000 rockets? And I quote your words literally, “If 3000 rockets were fired into America, wouldn’t you obliterate the infrastructure of the group responsible?” True words of wisdom Hannity, really, I’m impressed you have some kind of logic.

So, let’s apply this logic of yours on the situation one more time. The statistics I’m about to share were published on August, 9th 2014, so keep in mind the numbers have definitely increased.

Until 12:00 pm on the 9th of August there have been 5635 Artillery Shells attacks, 5630 Air Strikes, and 2450 Gunboats attacks over Gaza. There are over 1903 murdered Gazans by these attacks, in addition to over 10,625 damaged houses (whether completely destroyed or partially).

Now not-so-dear Hannity, when the statistics say there are over 5630 Israeli Airstrikes –and here I’m not even  talking about the artillery shells or gunboats attacks- over Gaza it doesn’t mean only 5630 rockets. No no, every airstrike bombs several “targets”, as the IDF likes to call them, and these so-called targets (that till this moment are mainly unarmed civilians) could vary from 60 to 100, and by the end of the day Israel hits over 150 “targets” (100-200 locations, which are either houses, medical centers, schools, mosques, playgrounds …etc).

Now it’s time to use your imagination.

Imagine how many rockets have been fired into Gaza when you have over 5000 airstrikes targeting over a 100 locations daily. Can you imagine that? I sure can’t. The number of rockets would be beyond tremendous, too huge that Israel needed to request an emergency renewal of US ammunitions! As Jon Stewart has put it, “They were running out of shit to blow up”. Just try to think of what this actually means.

It means they have used most of their ammunition! And here you are, arguing over and over again about how inhumane and unrealistic it is that Hamas fired 3000 thousand rockets into Israel! Even though, according to your logic, it’s only reasonable that Hamas would respond this way. I mean, wouldn’t you obliterate the infrastructure of the group responsible of firing this amount of rockets into your country?

Sir, your double standards and one-sided views are really getting annoying, and I’m only using the word “annoying” just to be polite.

If you want to criticize something or someone so passionately then please at least have ALL the information, and not just pick whatever piece of news suits you. Journalism doesn’t work that way, journalism is about being passionate, true, and a deliverer of facts. Not using whatever facts you want to serve your own biased agenda.

In short Mr. Hannity, GROW UP!

P.S. If you need reliable sources for information, just let me know, since you’re not really doing a very good job finding them.

                                      "The one and only Hannity" 

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